First-of-its-kind sleep aid for high altitude

sleep better & feel better on ski trips, long flights, & other high-elevation adventures.


sleeplessness at altitude IS a thing

ordinary sleep aids don’t address the root cause of sleeplessness at high elevation: low oxygen

ALTISNOOZE’s patent-pending formula combines science-backed adaptogens, botanical extracts, & vital nutrients to help boost oxygenation & restore normal sleep.

sleep better. feel better.

ALTISNOOZE’s adaptogenic qualities also help prevent common altitude issues like headaches, fatigue, & nausea, while supporting hydration & recovery with electrolytes & vital nutrients.

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"I created ALTISNOOZE with a mission of elevating others' experience at altitude through better sleep. When you get the sleep you need, you feel great and can adventure the way you want."

Will Schafer, Founder & Chief Elevation Officer

  • jason connor

    “The first couple nights of sleep at altitude are normally a nightmare for me. I used to think this was just the cost of doing business. My girlfriend & I both tried ALTISNOOZE on a trip to Tahoe this winter. We took it our first two nights at altitude and slept perfectly.”

  • heidi pederson

    “As a midwestern mom of 2, I don’t have time for bad sleep when we come out to ski. ALTISNOOZE helps me get the rest I need to enjoy the memories being made in the mountains!“

  • nick madaffer

    “I’ll take every advantage I can get to enjoy my time in the mountains. I used to plan a 'down' day into my trips to acclimate and now ALTISNOOZE does it while I sleep!”