what exactly is ALTISNOOZE?

ALTISNOOZE is a new, first-of-its-kind sleep aid for high altitude. Sleeplessness at altitude IS a thing. Up to 74% of travelers to high altitude have difficulty falling and staying asleep their first week at elevation. This can spoil ski trips and other alpine adventures, not to mention business or personal travels to high-elevation destinations.  

what causes sleeplessness at altitude?

Altitude insomnia is a common and well-documented phenomenon for visitors to higher elevations, where there is naturally less oxygen in the air we breath. This leads to low oxygen in the body, known as hypoxia. This can disrupt the brain’s sleep chemistry and produce irregular breathing at night. For many, if not most, this spells poor sleep. Additional common symptoms of elevation like headaches and nausea often serve to exacerbate sleep challenge.

what makes ALTISNOOZE special?

Ordinary sleep aids don’t address the root cause of sleeplessness at high elevation: low oxygen. ALTISNOOZE does.

how does ALTISNOOZE work?

ALTISNOOZE combines science-backed adaptogens, botanical extracts, and vital nutrients that restore normal sleep by improving oxygenation.

When you boost oxygenation, that also helps prevent common altitude issues like headaches, fatigue, & nausea, which can make sleep challenges worse. In addition, ALTISNOOZE supports hydration & recovery with electrolytes and trace minerals.

We created a premium formula with the intent to offer a one-stop solution that could elevate any kind of adventure or travel experience at high altitude.

what are adaptogens? you mention them a lot in talking about ALTISNOOZE.

Adaptogens are a special class of plants and mushrooms that have the unique ability to support the body's natural ability to handle physical, chemical, and biological stress – point in case, an oxygen deficit.

Adaptogens have a centuries-long history of use in traditional medicine systems. They are becoming increasingly popular among athletes and others seeking potent but natural aids for stamina, stress management, and recovery.

I (Will, founder of ALTISNOOZE), thought adaptogens were bogus--the inventions of marketers--until I started experimenting with their use during the development of ALTISNOOZE. Adaptogens are most definitely not bogus. They can provide potent support for acclimation to altitude and the reduction of physical and mental stress, all of which aids sleep.

what occassions is ALTISNOOZE for?

ALTISNOOZE is for skiers, hikers, and adventurous travelers whose time at high-elevation is often marred by crummy sleep.

This includes business and personal trips to high-elevation destinations (Denver, Mexico City, Machu Picchu, etc.) as well as long flights (see next question).

does ALTISNOOZE help with sleeping on planes?

Yes. Most commercial flights are pressurize to 6,000 – 8,000 feet. This creates a low-oxygen environment that can disrupt sleep and cause other altitude symptoms that complicate sleep. So for long flights, ALTISNOOZE can indeed help you get a good, long restful sleep. We don't recommend it for short flights.

how do you use ALTISNOOZE?

30 minutes before bed, mix one packet of ALTISNOOZE in 2 fluid ounces of water & drink. That's about a shot glass worth of water, so you shouldn't have to get up to pee at night.

If possible, take ALTISNOOZE the night prior going to elevation to help start the adaptogens working & your body leveling up its oxygenation capacity.

how did ALTISNOOZE come to be?

After years of frustration with getting dreadful sleep at altitude, our founder Will Schafer tapped experts to pioneer a solution. They spent nearly a year exploring hundreds of medicinal plants, herbs, flowers, mushrooms, seeds, roots, minerals, & other functional ingredients before homing in on ALTISNOOZE’S winning formula.

who makes ALTISNOOZE

We do. Meaning, Will Schafer (founder) and a small dedicated team. The company Will set up for ALTISNOOZE is called Sherpa Wellness. We're just getting started, but the vision is to offer additional products like ALTISNOOZE that can elevate peoples' experience at high altitude. More to come :)

got anything else to help me sleep?

Sure, we made you a dreamy mix tape.