our story

I love going to the mountains, but it has always come at a steep price: dreadful sleep that leaves me feeling wrecked and enjoying my time at elevation much less.

For years, I thought this issue was just a weird ‘me thing.’ Then I started going on ski trips with groups of friends. Many grumbled about similar sleep issues. It made me really curious to understand what was going on. 

I got in touch with sleep doctor Michael Breus who, it turned out, had personal experience with sleep difficulties at altitude. It became clear how pervasive the issue is and that ordinary sleep aids aren’t designed to address the unique cause of sleeplessness at altitude: the lack of oxygen. He encouraged me to pursue a tailor-made solution and introduced me to experts who could help.

We spent nearly a year exploring and testing hundreds of medicinal plants, herbs, flowers, mushrooms, seeds, roots, minerals, and other functional ingredients before settling on the winning formula. 

ALTISNOOZE’s features a science-backed combination of adaptogens, botanical extracts, and vital nutrients that not helps restore normal sleep by improving oxygenation, but it also helps prevent altitude-related issues like headaches, nausea, and fatigue. In addition, ALTISNOOZE supports hydration and recovery with electrolytes and vital nutrients.

We created a premium formula with the intent to offer a one-stop solution that could elevate any kind of adventure or travel experience at high altitude.

Ultimately losing sleep isn’t just about losing sleep. It’s about losing out on the richness of the experience at altitude—the thrill of alpine adventures and good times relaxing with people you care about.

I believe in ALTISNOOZE. It’s been a personal game changer, and I’m thrilled to share it with others. Here’s to enjoying the rare air at altitude.

Will Schafer, Founder & Chief Elevation Officer